Deaf couple involved in eruption while climbing mountain in Central Japan

October 2, 2014

Mt. Ontake (3,067 meters high) in Nagano Prefecture erupted at 11:52 a.m. on September 27.

Inooka Hiromi (猪岡洋海), 42, a Deaf resident in Kai-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture, was found  dead. She climbed Mt. Ontake with her husband, Tetsuya, who is regarded also as having been involved in the eruption. His body has not been found.

On September 29, the city office was contacted by the boss whom Hiromi worked for, saying that she had said she would return to work on September 28 after having climbed Mt. Ontake, but she does not come to office. There is no contact yet about Tetsuya.

According to the couple's acquaintance, about 20 years ago, when Hiromi and Tetsuya belonged to a local drumming group called "Koshu Deaf Drum", they became acquainted.

Hiromi lived with Tetsuya and their son, a eleventh grade student.

*As of October 8, fifty five bodies were found and eight missing.

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