Annual National Deaf Athletic Meet held for the first time in Okinawa Prefecture

September 27, 2014

The 48th National Deaf Athletic Meet, sponsored by Japanese Federation of the Deaf, was held in Okinawa Prefecture, one of Japan's southern islands. It was the first time for the prefecture to host the event.

The opening ceremony took place at the Prefectural Martial Art Hall in Naha-shi on September 26.

The siblings of the Okinawa team, Takara Miki  (高良美樹), 23, on women's volleyball team, and her brother Shori (昌莉), 20, on rubber-ball baseball team took the player oath. (photo:

Ten games of track and field, volleyball, etc. were carried out on both days, September 27-28. About 1100 athletes participated from across Japan.

As for the Okinawa team, 56 athletes competed in six games of rubber-ball baseball, table tennis, volleyball, track and field, tennis, and bowling.

The 49th National Deaf Athletic Meet will be held in Kyoto on September 17-20, 2015.

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