Sign language cafe "Deaf Hand" popular in Himeji-shi, Hyogo Prefecture

Store Manager Nomura enjoys communication
with a visitor in sign language .
September 4, 2014

The sign language cafe, the "Deaf Hand" located on the fourth floor of the building which overlooks Himeji Castle opens on the second Saturdays. It is a popular place that many Deaf people gather from not only within the Hyogo prefecture but the outside of it and enjoy the conversation in sign language.

Harumi Nomura (野村晴įžŽ), 66, a "store manager", goes to the place of business of the non-profit organizaion which manages working training for persons with disabilities in Himeji-shi. She suggested a plan something like the Deaf cafe.

Nomura became deaf when she was a baby owing to a high fever, and she uses sign language for conversation. The NPO manager responded to her request, looked for the place near Himeji Station, and opened the cafe last July.

The "Deaf Hand" also serves as the place of working training. People who visit the cafe would say, "I have a trouble with the order, but here it goes usually smooth," "The connection of a friend also develops so that I can consult about some personal trouble."

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