Municipal assembly standing committee in Hyogo Prefecture adopts petition to establish "sign language law"

Inoue Tomofumi (left), president of the Kato Association
of the Deaf, applauds adoption of the petition with
pleasure in the assembly. 

September 4, 2014

The Kato municipal assembly welfare standing committee in Hyogo Prefecture, a part of western Japan, adopted unanimously the petition on September 4 to submit a written opinion to the Government towards establishment of "the sign language law (tentative name)" in order to spread sign language as language in Japan. It was the first for the city committees including Kato-shi in the Kitaharima area. 

It is due to be deliberated and voted on a written opinion proposal by the end of September at a plenary session of the municipal assembly regular meeting, etc.

The Kato Association of the Deaf submitted the petition to the Kato municipal assembly. Inoue Tomofumi (井上智文) and others were present as witnesses at the committee meeting. They complained about the actual condition that it is difficult for the Deaf to communicate with hearing people, and requested to establish a sign language law in order to lead the independent social life, etc. through interpreting on that day.

Although the municipal assembly committee usually votes on the bill after the witnesses leave the assembly room, the committee allowed the Deaf witnesses to stay on that day.

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