Development of vibrating transfer device for the Deaf to enjoy the visual and music event in Ishikawa Prefecture

September 18, 2014

The "Kanazawa Castle projection mapping" which colors the Kanazawa Castle Park in Ishikawa Prefecture by the newest visual and music will be demonstrated on October 11-12.

A visual artist Hishikawa Seiichi (菱川勢一) who plays an active role in the world is developing the device which conducts music by vibration so that the persons who are Deaf or hard of hearing including the elder will enjoy music through the vibrations.

He says that it is the first time to use such a device to conduct music by vibration in projection mapping in Japan.

Hishikawa improved the commercial audio equipment for home theaters with a composer to make projection mapping possible in cooperation with the students of the Ishikawa Prefectural School for the Deaf located in east Japan.

Japanese source:

Project mapping on Tokyo Station (December 18, 2012)

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