Deaf students to give a play about the history of sign language in Tottori Prefecture

The students practice
with Nakajima, an adviser (left).
 September 12, 2014

The play titled "AKASHI - The Proof" by the group of students of the Prefectural Tottori School for the Deaf will be shown at the "Bird Theater Festival 7" (September 13-28) in Tottori-shi on September 21.

The students interviewed from the alumni about the state of deaf education using sign language and oralism in the past in order to make a story.

Two junior high school students and six high students act as either a student or a teacher. They have practiced since the end of August,
driving a thought to the alumni troubled with the time when sign language was not allowed at school.

Nakajima Ryoto (中島諒人) who superintends the Bird Theater visited the school to instruct the student group on their performance including the scene that  students were reproached for using sign language by the teacher, the scene where teachers collided involving teaching methods, etc.

Nakajima says, "It is the play which is in pain and is charged with the history of the people who fought, so the actor needs to become a living person with such a feeling in those days to perform."

Some of the students commented:
"I will keep in mind about the alumni when acting. I want spectators to know the difference between the past and present."

"I would like to tell spectators that there was a painful thing a long time ago. Our play will lead to spread sign language all over Japan more since Tottori Prefecture's sign language ordinance one year ago."

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