Deaf students in Wakayama Prefecture make souvenir for inter-high school event

The students in white uniform handed souvenirs to
the superintendents of education (second from right)
for the up-coming high school sports event.
 September 12, 2014

Prior to the Annual National High School Athletic Meet (the inter-high school championships) in the Wakayama Prefecture next year, the transfer ceremony will take place in Wakayama-shi in the prefecture on September 23.

At the traditional ceremony, the students from South Kanto, a part of eastern Japan where the National High School Athletic Meet will be held this year, plan to present "the seed of the flower of friendship" to the counterparts from Wakayama in western Japan.

As a souvenir for the students from South Kanto, the students of the prefectural Wakayama School for the Deaf made 32 pieces of the tote bag, which three student representatives handed to the prefectural superintendent of education on September 12.

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