Deaf puppet company instructs Deaf school children how to play musical instrument in Toyama Prefecture

The children enjoy playing a musical instrument
in the Takaoka Special Support School for the Deaf.
September 18, 2014

Three members of the puppet company "The Deaf Puppet Theater Pupil", located at Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, visited the Takaoka Special Support School for the Deaf in Toyama Prefecture, a part of eastern Japan, on September 17. They showed 12 young children from the preschool and primary school how to enjoy using a musical instrument.

The children performed with musical instruments, such as African drum, castanets, and maraca, following signal of a member of the puppet company as making a loud sound or a low sound in sign language.

They also performed according to the rhythm along which a member walked. The gymnasium was full of the happy face of the children and the sound of the musical instrument.

The puppet company is going to perform its puppet play at the 50th anniversary ceremony of the school foundation on October 25. The experienced workshop was opened in order that the children learn how to enjoy a musical instrument performance in advance of the event.

Seventeen junior and high school students also participated in the communication game without using language, such as playing catch with the ball made in the newspaper, on the day afternoon.

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