Sheet for quick communication arranged in ambulance in Shizuoka Prefecture

The communication & information sheet
for the Deaf arranged in the ambulance
in Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture.
August 8, 2014

The Fujinomiya-shi Office in Shizuoka Prefecture announced that  it arranged the "communication & information sheet" on all six ambulances for about 360 local Deaf residents on August 7, aiming to release a Deaf person's uneasy feeling or anxiety at the time of emergency lifesaving.

The surface of the A4-sized sheet shows a human body figure in order to tell which part of the body pains and the kind of pains by pointing (photo: right). There are questions in the back of the board, such as "Please show your disability card", "Do you need an interpreter?", etc (photo: left).

Training of an ambulance requested by fax is performed once per year. However, the question if "the Deaf person can communicate effectively with an ambulance officer after the ambulance arrives" was going up in the Deaf community.

The paramedic in the city central fire department expects an effect of the sheet rather than writing, which helps in shortening time as well as quick emergency lifesaving."

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