"Kimono dresser qualification for the Deaf" proposed by Deaf woman for Government's approval

Nishio Hiroe shows the textbook with
the sign language used for kimono dressing.
(photo: http://www.chunichi.co.jp/)
 August 23, 2014

There is official qualification of "kimono dressing in sign language" (きもの手話きつけ士) which a certified person can help dressing a kimono using sign language. It was recently approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Nishio Hiroe (西尾啓江), 55, a deaf kimono school lecturer in Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture, proposed such a qualification for seven years in order to to back up a young Deaf person's independence.

The kimono school in Kyoto to which Nishio belongs offers an examination on practical skill and a paper test once every year since 2012. An applicant, who acquired more than teacher assistant license in the school and manages dressing business for one year or more, takes a sign language lecture, the eligibility requirements for an examination of "kimono dressing in sign language" will be obtained.

Nishio became a kimono dressing lecturer under the influence of her mother who was a dressmaker. Her hearing ability of the right ear became weak and she has used the hearing-aid, although she lost hearing in left ear when she was a child.

She has her own kimono class and teaches the high school students in the clothing course at the Nagoya School for the Deaf, her alma mater.

Nishio made the textbook to introduce the sign language used for kimono dressing, and has already distributed copies of the book. She says, "I hope more people will understand the sign language in the book and become more familiar with kimono as Japanese ethnic costume."

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