Hard of hearing persons enjoy art works through note taking service in Toyama Prefecture

Nishida Tsutomu (second from the right) appreciates an art work with
a curator's talk (right) through note taking in the art museum.
(photo: http://mainichi.jp/)

August 29, 2014

Nishida Tsutomu (ニシダツトム) became hearing loss when he was a fifth grader in an elementary school, and his hearing ability got worsened rapidly in the 50's. Since then he has used a hearing-aid usually.

An understanding of hearing loss is not so much that still many people look at the user with a hearing aid and speak to him/her in a loud voice.

Nishida invited the hard of hearing persons who have the similar trouble, and they established the "Note-taking Salon Rainbow" in November, last year. The hold a group meeting or gathering monthly.

The note taking services is available mostly when a hard of hearing person sees a doctor, attends a lecture meeting, etc. Although public expenditure is paid to a note-taking service as an information compensation in Toyama-shi, the number of note takers is still few.

Nishida visits an art museum well, but he has troubles such as unable to understand an curator's description, or difficult  to see the caption of a small character, etc. In order to solve these problems in the art museum, he arranged the art appreciation event with note-taking for the first time in the Prefectural Brush Painting Art Museum in June, this year.

It was so popular that Nishida arranged the event again to be held in the City Sato Memorial Art Museum in Toyama-shi in the prefecture this month. Hard of hearing participants appreciated fine arts with the note-taking service performed by three note-takers, saying that they understood better what a picture means".

Noshida explains, "Since some hearing loss persons do not know the note-taking service through public expenditure dispatch in the city, I want to tell about the system widely first of all. I hope a hearing person to understand the hearing loss persons like us better by seeing the spot of note-taking".

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