Deaf students ask the measure against tsunami, etc. in Mie Prefectural Assembly

The students of the Prefectural School for the Deaf
asks a question in the Prefectural Assembly.

August 21, 2014

The Prefectural Assembly intended for high school students was held in the assembly plenary hall in Tsu-shi, Mie Prefecture on August 20 to attract high school students to get interested in prefectural government, which was the first measure by the Mie Prefectural Assembly.

Twenty-six students from eight schools participated in the event and asked a question about disaster prevention, industrial development, etc., which the members of the Prefectural Assembly answered.

Three students of the Prefectural School for the Deaf, through sign-language interpreting, asked a question about height relocation of their school building or a job boost for a person with disability.

The building of the School for the Deaf with about 100 students from preschool through high school level is placed with an altitude of 2 meters. One of the Deaf students insisted that it is the most important to relocate the school building to a safe place at an early stage as a preparation to tsunami.

One of the members of the Prefectural Assembly answered, "The school building will leak above 1 or 2 meters at the maximum by tsunami. You students can go up to the roof of the school building to avoid the disaster. The regular training against disaster is important."

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