Deaf high school girl keeps practicing kendo

Miyasaka Nanami, a high school girl who
practices kendo (Japanese swordsmanship).
August 5, 2014
A Deaf high school girl, Miyasaka Nanami (宮坂七海), 16, was featured in the program "NEWS ZERO" of Nippon Television broadcast on August 4.

She is a sophomore at a hearing school, Nittai-Ebara High School in Tokyo after having attended the school for the Deaf since the age of five.

Although Miyasaka began kendo when she was a fifth grader, she had a experience in which she learned first that she was the only person who is  Deaf in the exercise hall.

The kendo instructor noticed that she had concentration that she looked at his behavior and guessed what she should behaved properly.

After Miyasaka went on to Nittai-Ebara High School, well-known for an outstanding school for kendo, practice of kendo became harder, but her teammate tells her the contents of practice, etc., using a white board for writing or gestures.

Results were not so good, although Miyasaka ranked 1st in the convention held in Tokyo and then participated in the national competition this year.

She said, "It was a good experience for me because I was able to play a match with the strong opponent. I will exercise more."

Miyasaka aims to participate in the National Athletic Meet which will be held in autumn.

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