Deaf groups visit North Korea for international exchange meeting

August 8, 2014

The program "The International Exchange Meeting in Pyongyang" has been held since 2009 under co-sponsorship of a German nonprofit organization "TOGETHER-Hamhung e.V." and the World Federation of the Deaf.

Eighteen Deaf persons from Japan, the Netherlands, and Singapore visited Korea on August 8-12 to participate in the 6th anniversary exchange program with the Deaf in North Korea.

The foreign group went sightseeing in Pyongyang and Kaesŏng, and also visited related facilities including the North Korean Disability Protection Federation.

Many of the participants visited North Korea for the first time, and they talked together with the Korean Deaf participants about a family, the environment of work, and school life. They deepened friendship, taking commemoration photography.

Many of the Japanese participants said, "Since both the North Korean Sign Language and Japanese one are similar, we got frank immediately."

Takemura Yuki (竹村祐樹), 19, from Tokyo has had a strong interest in North Korea since young. He said, "North Korea what I saw completely different from the mass media reports in Japan, and my image about the country changed totally."

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