Tablet tested to support hard of hearing children in lesson in Kagawa Prefecture

Fujiwara receives a lesson with the use of the system which shows a teacher's talk in written form through the tablet computer on a desk. (photo:

July 10, 2014

In order to support the hard of hearing children in a lesson, the proof experiment of the system which transmits a teacher's voice through a mobile phone and displays it in written form on a tablet computer immediately was conducted at the Kitahokubu Elementary School at Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa Prefecture in western Japan July 9.

A sixth grader, Fujiwara Torajiro (藤原虎次郎), 11, participated in the experiment whether to understand a lesson easily. He, implanted with the cochlea, had an arithmetic class by one to one with the teacher.

When the teacher addressed, several seconds afterward, her voice was captioned on the tablet computer. Fujiwara said, "If I missed what my teacher said, I was able to check it on the tablet immediately."

The system has not been introduced to schools within the prefecture. Kamata Koji (鎌田浩二), president of the "Prefecture Society of Parents with Hard of Hearing Children," has tackled the proof experiment. He said, "We would like to talk to the school officials concerned within the prefecture for introduction based on the result of this experiment."

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