New book by Deaf illustrator and mother in Tokyo

Coauthors: Sugimoto Marina (left)
and her mother Kanae
Marina's Picture Is Her Language

July 11, 2014

--- The language which we found was a "picture" ---

The book, titled "Marina's Picture Is Her Language" (A5-size, 192 pages; ISBN 978--4-8058-5058-9), was published from Chuohoki Publishing Co Ltd  this month.

The book is about the childhood of Sugimoto Marina (杉本聖奈), a Deaf illustrator in Meguro ward, Tokyo, who has developmental disorder. She grew up through drawing a picture before she would become an illustrator.

It is based on the four-frame strip cartoon that Marina, 27, drew from three years ago in order to enhance an understanding of how she felt during her childhood.

Her mother Kanae (香苗), 54, added a thought of those days and experience by comments. "It  was so severe that I was worried," says she,  "But I was convinced with "such a thing happened to my daughter from a picture which Marina drew in many cases."

Marina is still drawing the daily occurrence on the "picture card." She explains, "I draw a picture like the photograph taken by the heart. I would like to let a picture carry my message to everybody."

These coauthors encourage those who worry about child-rearing to read the book.

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