Lecture meeting in Ehime Prefecture appeals more support to the DeafBlind

Fujikika Kazuyuki gives a lecture about
the issues in the DeafBlind's social life.
[photo: http://www.ehime-np.co.jp/]
July 21, 2014 

The lecture meeting by Fujijika Kazuyuki (藤鹿一之), 48, was held in the city welfare center at Matsuyama-shi, Ehime Prefecture, part of western Japan on July 20.

The lecturer is DeafBlind himself and the chairman of the non-profit organization Tokyo DeafBlind Friendship Group. 

According to him, a DeafBlind person has three major difficulties related to movement, communication, and access to information.

He spoke about his experience that he was able to escape from the fire which occurred in the place where he stayed thanks to an interpreter/care worker.

Since the interpreter/care worker who helps everyday life has been insufficient for the Deafblind, he requested for more support to Deafblind persons.

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