Japan Deaf Athletics Conventions held in Tottori Prefecture

Nakamura Kaichi (right), a senior high school student of the Tottori
School for the Deaf ranked 2nd in running 100 meters for men.

July 20, 2014

The "11th Japan Deaf Athletics Championships," sponsored by the Japan Deaf Athletics Association, took place in the Coca Cola Athletic Field in Tottori-shi, Tottori Prefecture on July 19, attracting 62 athletes from the whole country.

The Association also held a training camp for the Japanese team in the prefecture three years ago. Because of Tottori's sign language ordinance enacted first in Japan, 250 volunteers, including the Tottori track-and-field association, high school students and sign language interpreters, supported the convention.

The convention leads to the participation in the "Asia-Pacific Deaf Sports Meet" following the results. Athletes from the Tottori Prefecture also actively joined, obtained good results, such like a Deaf student Nakamura Kaichi (中村開知)(photo).

The "64th Chugoku Region Deaf School Athletic Meet Tottori Convention" opened in the same field, in which 102 students participated from nine schools on that day.

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