Hard of hearing player participates in high school baseball Kyoto convention

July 17, 2014

 "My dream is that I stand on the mound in Koshien (The annual National High School Baseball Convention in Hyogo Prefecture) to respond to the people who have supported me."

Mashita Daisuke (真下大輔), 18, a high school senior with
hearing loss since birth, is a pitcher for the Kyoto Kyoei Gakuen School (京都共栄学園) in Kyoto. He plays baseball with a hearing-aid on one ear.

Daisuke, influenced by his elder brother, began playing baseball when he was an elementary school boy, and played an active part in the junior high school baseball team as the ace. At the high school, when he fails to get the directions, his teammates help him by telling anew in a loud voice, etc.

Daisuke has been an infielder since last autumn, and currently is a bench warmer as a pitcher this spring. Although he had no turn in the game at the Kyoto convention held on July 16, the team advanced to the third round by the sweeping victory.

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