Hard of hearing college student selected to National soccer team for Asia-Pacific championship in Iran

Shitara Takehide is doing shot practice.
(photo: https://nano.shinmai.co.jp/)
July 24, 2014

Shitara Takehide  (設楽武秀), 21, a senior majoring in business information at Nagano University at Ueda-shi, Nagano Prefecture, a part of central Japan, was chosen to the Japanese Deaf soccer team for the first time.

The national team will participate in the Asia-Pacific championship in Iran in November, 2014, aiming at the world championship next year. It has started the training camp in Hokkaido, Japan's norther island, July 19-21.

Shitara is on the national Deaf futsal team, too, and he stands on the international scene of two sorts of games.

He uses a hearing-aid for daily conversation, although he is unable to hear mostly since birth. He began playing soccer with the local team when he was a fourth grader, and continues the sport even now at the university.

At the National Deaf Athletic Meet held in Toyama Prefecture in September, 2013, Shitara participated in the team based in Saitama Prefecture which he has participated in practice, since there was no soccer team in Nagano Prefecture.

Director Nakayama Takeshi of the national team who was inspecting spoke to Shitara to join the national selection training camp, which was held in December, 2013, March and May, 2014.

He plans to work at an IT system company in Tokyo next spring, and keep playing soccer as well.

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