Fire department offers lifesaving workshop to Deaf community in Hyogo Prefecture

The Deaf persons learn how to carry a victim with the use
of an emergency stretcher at the fire department.
July 25, 2014

The lifesaving workshop for the Deaf community, including sign language interpreters, living in the Kitaharima Area of Hyogo Prefecture near Kobe was held at the Kato Fire Department at Kato-shi in the prefecture on the night of July 23.

Fifteen participants learned how to save the person attacked suddenly by the injury or the sudden illness nearby from the paramedic of the fire department. They also proposed development of a visual emergency communication system.

The Kitaharima Area group of the Hyogo Sign-Language Interpreting Problems Study Group, consisted of the Deaf residents and sign language interpreters, requested the fire department to provide the workshop.

After the event, one of the Deaf participants, aged 47, said, "Several years ago, when my father collapsed at home, I wasn't able to do anything. The workshop helped me to understand I can help someone else even if I am Deaf."

Fire department officials said, "although we receive emergency report also by fax, it is hardly used and there is a possibility that public relations may be insufficient. We are impressed with the participants are very eager about the management in an emergency. We would be happy to receive a request for a workshop of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, etc."

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