Film on Deaf community in disaster-stricken area shown in Gifu Prefecture

Deaf director Imamura Ayako speaks
before the movie show.
 June 30, 2014

The documentary film titled "The Bridge Connecting the Two Worlds - Deaf and Hearing" was shown in Gifu-shi, Gifu Prefecture on June 28. About 120 persons came.

The movie describes experience and difficulties of the Deaf persons who were hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. 

Imamura Ayako (今村彩子), 35, a Deaf director introduced the process and highlight of coverage in the film, and appealed by saying, "After you see the movie, I want you to act as an intermediary between the two worlds - Deaf and Hearing."

She went to coverage after the occurrence of an earthquake disaster in the Tohoku Region three years ago. Through the interviews, the Deaf victims explained how they suffered from the disaster; they did not hear siren which warned the coming of a tsunami; they did not understand spoken directions or guidance in a shelter; they could not use an e-mail and so did not acquire necessary information, etc.

The film appealed these problems that "life-threatening information must not have a gap."

The film was evaluated as the third place in the Japan Video Section of The 14th Japan Film Festival "Nippon Connection," held on May 27- June 1 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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