Audience who lost hearing enjoys show by hearing support system in Saga Prefecture

The persons with hearing loss enjoy a comic story through
the use of the hearing system installed in the ceiling.

 July 21, 2014

The public performance of the comic story using an infrared hearing support system was performed in the Prefecture Deaf Support Center in Saga-shi, Saga Prefecture, part of Japan's southern island, on July 19.

About 40 persons with hearing loss enjoyed the witty art of storytelling, and the hall was full of laughter.

An infrared hearing support system is a system that changes the voice via the microphone into infrared rays, and conveys it to a hearing loss person's earphone from the exclusive receiver placed under the neck.

Since a speaker's voice can be heard directly, without being influenced by the surrounding noise, it is said to be effective in a meeting, public performance, etc.

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