Arts exhibition to support preschool for children with hearing loss in Okayama Prefecture

Kataoka Sosuke, the founder

Painter, Kataoka Masashi 

Sculptor, Kataoka Yukio

July 12, 2014

Kataoka Sosuke (片岡宗助), a former principal of the Prefecture Okayama School for the Deaf, and others established the Okayama Canaria Preschool in Okayama-shi in the prefecture in 1975, the first preschool for the children with hearing loss in Japan.

Currently about 20 speech therapists are in charge of language instruction through the use of the cochlear and support of the guardians. There are sixty five preschoolers from inside and outside the prefecture.

Because the subsidies from the Government and the prefecture will be abolished in several years, etc., management of the school is  severe.

Two persons belonging to the family of Kataoka stood up to support the Okayama Preschool. They are Kataoka Masashi, 87, a painter who is the first son of the founder, Kataoka Sosuke (1899-1976), and Yukio, 60, a stone sculptor who is his grandson.

They will hold an exhibition on July 17- 27 in Okayama-shi and donate all the sales profits to the preschool.

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