Video remote interpreting to start in Ureshino-shi, Saga Prefecture

 June 11, 2014

In order to meet the need of Deaf people who visit the Ureshino city office in Saga Prefecture, a part of Japan's southern island, it will begin a video remote interpreting service with a tablet through the Saga Deaf Support Center located in Saga-shi in July.

Ureshino-shi has adopted the city planning of the universal design since the 2010 fiscal year, a part of which is a measure for sign language.

According to the welfare division in the city office, there are about 100 Deaf residents in the city. On the other hand, there are no personnel who use sign language. They are going to hold a sign language program for personnel during the current year.

The city stipulated that sign language should be spread with a sign language ordinance bill, and proposed it to the assembly in June. The video remote interpreting service via a tablet is considered as a temporary measure until the personnel learn sign language.

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