Sign language volunteer training progresses before national conferences in autumn in Mie Prefecture

June 6, 2014

Ise-shi, Mie Prefecture in central Japan has held the training of the volunteer guide since October, last year to act as a sightseeing guide for the Deaf/deaf travelers by sign language.

The National Welfare Convention of the Deafened and Hard of Hearing will be held in Yokkaichi-shi in October, and the National Deaf Youth Research Discussion Meeting in Suzuka-shi in November, both in the prefecture.

Ise-shi is concerned to get the Deaf/deaf person to enjoy the sightseeing of Ise which is well known for one of the oldest shrine in Japan, Ise Jingu.

Twenty-two persons including sign language circle members and Deaf/deaf persons in the city have applied for the training program.

They participate in local training at a tourist resort, a tourist information center, etc. in the city, visit advanced sightseeing spots in the outside of the prefecture, etc., and get knowledge as a guide.

The volunteer registration to a sightseeing guide organization is planned to be made by October.

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