Northeast Deaf Athletic Meet held in Miyagi Prefecture

The players play a soft volleyball game.

June 22, 2014

The 45th Northeast Deaf Athletic Meet, sponsored by the Northeast Federation of the Deaf, which is held in each prefecture every year, started in Kitakami-shi, Miyagi Prefecture on June 21.

About 110 Deaf athletes from six northeast prefectures as a member of the Federation competed hard, and promoted exchange one another through a game as well.

The events performed for two days from June 21 included table tennis, gate ball, bowling, badminton, and soft volleyball.

Except bowling held in Oshu-shi, Iwate Prefecture, all the games took place for the first time in six years in the prefecture since 2008 in Ichinoseki-shi.

Yoshida Masakatsu, president of the Federation said, "We want all the players to fully demonstrate the skills cultivated every day through a sport".

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