Nagasaki Prefecture School to be relocated for reconstructing

June 19, 2014

Nagasaki Prefecture located in Japan's southern island appropriated design-for-execution expense 76,640,000 yen for relocation and reconstruction work, etc. of the Prefecture School for the Deaf in the supplementary budget in June.

The School is located in front of the new Omura station to be built in connection with the Kyushu Shinkansen West Kyushu Route.

In order to secure a new educational environment for the school, part of which is needed for renovation, from having positioned the school area in the operating business zone by the new station area building plan formulated for the start of Shinkansen, the school will be moved to the farm of the prefecture high school.

The new school is planned with the dormitory, the vocational education department, the educational counseling center besides each classroom from preschool through high school, a gymnasium, etc.

The groundbreaking is planned in 2016, and opening of the school in 2018.

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