Mothers' organization activity in Kyoto promotes social understanding of hard of hearing children

The members of the "Kids Barrier-Free" discuss
an original T-shirt that they wear for raising funds. 
June 2, 2014

The organization called the "Kids Barrier-Free" in Kameoka-shi, Kyoto Prefecture saw establishment of one year. It supports the children to whom a disability handbook is not issued while they have the mild or moderate degree of hearing loss.

The organization has done activity; they prepared the petition to the self-governing body to ask for purchase assistance of a hearing-aid, provided the place of exchange for children regardless of disability, etc. The members hold up a goal to build a society where everyone understands each other."
Chairman of the board of directors, Sueyoshi Rika (末吉理花), 42, who has a daughter with moderate-degree hearing loss, called to mothers and formed the organization last year.

Since the hearing-aid purchase assistance to the child with difficulty in hearing to whom a disability notebook is not issued varies from a self-governing body to other, the organization has been requesting for Kyoto, etc. that the same assistance should be provided all over the districts.

Members increased in number to about 50 in all. Sueyoshi said with great enthusiasm, "As the disability in a gray area does not have a corresponding place, a mother has to check something by herself and deal with it. Our organization hopes to do consultation and information exchange in order to reduce a problem of a parent and her child."

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