Hearing cyclist hired as Japanese Deaf cycling team coach

New coach Ogasawara Takahiro
(photo: http://cyclist.sanspo.com/)
June 7, 2014

The Japan Deaf Cycling Association (JDCA) has decided to hire Ogasawara Takahiro (小笠原崇裕), 33, who is hearing and a professional athlete, as a coach for training aiming at the Summer Deaflympics, which will take place in Turkey in 2017.

The national team "Ogasawara JAPAN" will start when a training camp is scheduled for June 21 - 22 at the Japan Cycle Sports Center located in Izu-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture.

JDCA will tackle strengthening activities for the time being prior to the "Le Tour de Taiwan" for the Deaf on October 28 - November 6, this year.

Coach Ogasawara was on the Japan mountain bike team for the world championship, etc. Also he gained the all Japan champion over many years in XTERRA (an off-road triathlon). Moreover, serving as the Japanese national team coach for the mountain bike world championship in 2011, etc. he has gained instruction experience.

This time, a sign language interpreter will be placed to promote a smooth communication between Ogasawara and the team members.

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