Hard of hearing children visit workplace of people with same disability in Fukuoka Prefecture

June 26, 2014

Five hard of hearing children from the first through sixth grade of the Yawata Elementary School (274 children enrolled) visited the Yahata-higashi Ward Office in Yahata-higashi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture located in Japan's southern island on June 25, aiming at learning the work situation where a person with hearing loss is employed. It was the first program that the school planned this year.

The children met with Suzuki Reo (鈴木玲雄),  28, in the citizen service division in the ward office. His hearing level needs a hearing-aid to hear the communication with hearing visitors. He was employed in April and is taking charge of issue and a check of a resident card, etc.

A sixth grader said, "I was glad to know despite of hearing loss, it is possible to work what I want. I would like to become a beautician in the future."

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