First steering committee held in Deaf Support Center in Saga Prefecture

The steering committee discussed the policy
for promoting the use of the Center.

June 9, 2014

The first steering committee of the Prefecture Deaf Support Center was held at Saga-shi in the prefecture in southern Japan on May 28. The center opened last April. 

Opinions were exchanged about the issues and ideas in the committee consisting of thirteen members including college professors in order to have the center utilized positively.

The present condition which the hearing-aid for a check can be tried only in the center was discussed. The members present shared the idea; "The search for a suitable hearing-aid is troublesome for a person with hearing loss. More kinds of a hearing aid should be arranged in the center."

About 1,200 clients have visited the center by this day since establishment. The center has offered a counseling service to the clients regardless of  the possession of the disability handbook, a volunteer training program for the college students, the sign language interpreter training course, etc.

There were 20 cases for consultation, the largest number of which was related to a workplace that the most Deaf client complained; "I don't understand what is said at the meeting since sign-language interpreting is not provided at my company," "I feel isolated because many coworkers aren't willing to write for communication," etc.

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