Fire Management Agency considers requirement of flash alarm installed in public space for people with hearing loss

"The shining fire alarm" tells the outbreak of a fire by flicker of a strong light. Fire and Disaster Management Agency conducted the actual proof experiment in the waiting room of the hospital.

June 3, 2014

How can be the aged and deaf persons warned of an outbreak of a fire in a public space?

About installation of "the shining fire alarm" imposing a duty, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency starts examination on whether to install in a customer-attracting facility with a large-scaled space. The cost of installation expense, etc. are likely to be an issue.

One of the reasons the Agency considers mandating of equipment is frequent occurrence of the fire from which elderly people fall victim.

The Agency, with cooperation from the Deaf community, conducted the actual proof experiment of the shining fire alarm in January, this year.

They have finished an experiment at a total of 25 places across Japan, such as a hospital, an airport, a department store, and an underground shopping center, and are analyzing the questionnaire to the participants, etc.

The result of analysis will be used for development of installation criteria; to find out how many shining alarms are installed in the wide place for high effectiveness, etc.

While a common fire alarm detects smoke and heat and an outbreak of a fire is conveyed to sound, the shining alarm works by flicker of a strong light. Although more Deaf persons or persons with hearing loss prepare a flash fire alarm sold for 4,000-5,000 yen at home, installation of this device is not progressing in the large-scaled facility such like a hotel, a theater, a department store, a hospital, etc.

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