Diary written by Deaf student in 1940's published as book

"A Deaf Boy in The Militant Nation"
The book titled "A Deaf Boy in The Militant Nation" was published in August, 2004 (B6 size/216 pages ISBN4-921142-71-8 C0095). 

A deaf boy named Shiraishi Takami (白石尭美) wrote a diary for five years from his admission to a school for the Deaf until graduation as a student of the Osaka Prefecture Oral School (currently the Osaka Prefecture Ikuno High School for the Deaf).

The young author described the situation of the everyday life under the wartime of the 1940's in detail through his eyes, such as the death of a relative or a friend, the poverty of a life, etc. in the style of a diary.
The book won "the 10th Record of Showa Period" Prize of the "My
Tale/Japanese personal history grand-prix" in 2007.



I had the entrance examination of the Osaka Prefecture Oral School* junior high school class (old system), passed successfully and entered in April, 1942. Because the school advanced the oral method, it was so imposing that in the classroom sign language with a schoolmate was forbidden severely, even during a playing time. I was so confused.

There are a few subjects of a "drill" in a week which the Osaka Municipal School for the Deaf and Mute* does not offer. I wound gaiters around the legs and attached the bayonet to the waist. I aligned with a real 38-type foot soldier gun without a cartridge, and marched or rushed. The drill was severe.


*The Osaka Municipal School for the Deaf and Mute had not only the class for manual communication but the oral class. Shiraishi was taught by the teacher famous for oral education before he passed the entrance examination of the Prefecture Oral School.

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