Booklet with illustration about support to Deaf community at the time of a disaster distributed

June 8, 2014

Ando Miki (安藤美紀), 45, a Deaf-born illustrator, made a booklet for the supporters in collaboration with the Yodogawa-ku Social Welfare Council in Osaka-shi. The booklet summarizes the problem which the Deaf community faces at the time of a disaster.

It explains the Deaf/deaf person neither notices the voice of a rescue staff nor a siren's sound, etc. intelligibly with the illustration, attracting attention from welfare facilities, etc.

Since many people do not know what kind of troubles the Deaf/deaf person face in the daily life while there is anxiety about the possible occurrence of the Nankai Trough massive earthquake, etc., a project to publish the booklet (B5 size, 19 pages) was planned.

800 copies of the booklet in all were made to the seminar of the disaster support which took place in March.

The booklet introduces a disabled person's problem and the method of support through the characters of a pretty touch, etc.

Ando said, "Deaf people cannot get information easily, but feel lonely easily. The surrounding person reassures them with a little support -- write required information on paper to show them. I am glad if the booklet helps you know how to support the Deaf community."

It is reported that there is an order of the booklet from the welfare facilities across Japan.

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