Video remote interpreting tried as part of disaster preparedness drill in Saga Prefecture

Training participant signs his request through a tablet
computer while Governor Furukawa (right) watches.


May 19, 2014
The Saga Prefecture in southern Japan performed a comprehensive disaster-preparedness drill supposing a catastrophic natural disaster in two cities and two towns (Karatsu, Imari, Genkai, and Arita) on May 18, in which 1,800 persons from 84 organizations, such as Prefecture Police and fire fighting, etc., participated.

In addition to the conventional training, such as rescue and shelter management, there was video remote interpreting training using a tablet computer for the first time.

At the Prefecture Karatsu South High School in Karatsu positioned as a "welfare shelter" for persons with disabilities, Deaf persons tried the communication using the tablet computer connected with the Internet circuit to the Prefecture Deaf Support Center.

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