Training program for information support volunteers for national disability sports convention in Wakayama Prefecture

The participants practice the convention term
by national common sign language.
May 23, 2014

The 15th National Disability Sports Convention will be held in Wakayama Prefecture in western Japan on October 24-26, 2015.

The prefecture seeks the information support volunteer who supports information accessibility, guidance, etc. to a Deaf/deaf person, and opens a training program at any time from April. A sign language class will be offered at seven places and a note-taking class at six places. 

Twenty persons attended the program on sign language that opened in Shingu-machi at the night of May 21. They studied the basic knowledge of deafness and learnedd the convention related term by national common sign language.

The training participants are going to learn the communication to support the Deaf/deaf in the public announcement system or the hall guidance besides term related to sports or game, etc. from now on.

The program through sign language is carried out a total of 6 times from the day until August 20, and it is expected that technical knowledge required for activity will be mastered.

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