Tottori Prefecture meets with four local organizations for opinions on information accessibility

 May 24, 2014

In order to grasp the issues that persons with disabilities confront in obtaining information, Tottori Prefecture exchanged opinions with four local disability organizations on May 23.

In order to reflect the opinion of the party concerned on a welfare measure, the serious improvement request has been raised with a part of a project team's measure made from the departments crossing in the prefecture office.

At the meeting, the prefecture welfare association of the visually impaired requested that "more voice guide equipments should be set up in the streets."

The prefecture association of the Deaf described his own experience: "caption did not appear with the remote control of built-in television in a hotel."

The prefecture society of the DeafBlind pointed out: "the spread of oscillating-type signals is required for the DeafBlind."

The prefecture society of the persons who underwent the extraction operation of the larynx asked saying, "We want raise more social recognition of persons with disabilities. The surrounding understanding is needed more than information access."

Matsuda Saeko (松田佐恵子), the head of Prefecture Department of Health and Social Welfare, said, "We would like to carry forward a step for a meeting little by little in piles before the enforcement of the disability discrimination law in April, 2016."

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