Tokyo prepares for 2020 Olympic Games and measures barrier-free by foreign sign languages

The participants learn American Sign Language
by a Deaf American teacher (right).

May 13, 2014

The Tokyo Metropolitan Office sets about training of the talented people who use a "foreign sign language" to carry out communication with a Deaf foreigner.

Sign language differs in expression for every country, and many of Japanese Sign Language are not easily understood by a Deaf foreigner.

Since the increase in Deaf visitors from overseas for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympics is expected, Tokyo aims at the spread of "American Sign Language" which is comparatively high in demand, and the "International Sign Language," a formal sign language used at an international conference, etc.

Foreign sign languages are seldom known in Japan. The Metropolitan Office Welfare Health Service Bureau does not grasp how many persons who use foreign sign language are in the metropolitan area, either.

Due to such the actual condition, the Metropolitan Office appropriated 10 million yen for the budget in the current year in order to support the cost of attendance of a class, etc.

Are you coming to Tokyo in 2020?

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