New day-care center for the Deaf opens first in Toyama Prefecture

The day-care center for the Deaf called
"Big Hands, Little Hands" in a used house opens in Toyama-shi.
May, 20, 2014

The private day-care center for the Deaf, called "Big Hands, Little Hands," opened by a non-profit organization in Toyama-shi for the first time in Toyama Prefecture in northwestern Japan.

There are 105 Toyama-style day-care services that accept persons and children who have disabilities in the prefecture, and the nursing home only for the Deaf who depend mainly on sign language for communication is the first in the prefecture.

In the prefecture, about 800 Deaf persons use sign language for the everyday communication while 40 hearing persons who work as a sign language interpreter, etc.

For this reason, the Deaf persons are hardly able to take communication with hearing people in the usual facility and naturally tend to "be isolated" or depend on "home care."

The new center stations several care workers who are fluent in sign language to meet the needs of a Deaf client.

Moreover, devices that convey visual information to the Deaf client such like the TV program special for the Deaf broadcast with caption, a flush light device, etc. are prepared.

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