Lecture on volunteering held for college students in Saga Prefecture

May 10, 2014

The "Lecture for Student Volunteers " started in the Prefecture Deaf Support Center in Saga-shi located in the southern Japan on May 7.

This lecture aims at promoting the students to gain an understanding of deafness and get interested in communication with a person with hearing loss, with three lectures of sign language, note taking, and caption production for two months (all the 6 times).

Over 30 students from a university or a vocational school took the first lecture on "Feature of Deafness and Information Accessibility."

The first lecturer on sign language, Koda Yoshiko (香田佳子) spoke about the kind of auditory difficulties, and the diversity of sign language. She says that about 3,400 persons have a disability handbook by auditory difficulties in the prefecture now.

Koda explained that the methods of required support or communication needs differ by the degree of hearing ability, the time of hearing loss, and educational environment.

She continues, "About the convenience of sign language, a mistake is not made in sign language while there is a spoken word which is difficult to distinguish only from the mouth movement."

The Saga University student who took the lecture said, "I will be eager to participate in the lecture on note taking, too. I would like to be skilled so that Deaf or hard of hearing persons feel happy."

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