Handkerchief produced for Deaf community to use at time of disaster

The handkerchief to convey when help is needed.
It is printed with a word in both Japanese and English.
(photo: http://www.kahoku.co.jp/)

May 6, 2014

The Shiogama-shi Social Welfare Council in Miyagi Prefecture produced 300 "handkerchiefs" which Deaf persons use for the time of a disaster, or an emergency.

The 20-cm-around-squared towel was distributed to about 150 persons in the city through the disability welfare association and the welfare-related business.

There had been an opinion from the Deaf community that something was needed to call for help at the time of a disaster evacuation after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

There is already an example with the similar bandanna in the self-governing bodies of the metropolitan area, and it is said the first trial in the prefecture.

Social Welfare Council officials stated, "When a person with disability cannot cross the ramp on a road with a wheelchair or is unable to carry a heavy load, he can show a handkerchief even in a daily situation."

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