Fire-fighting ambulance officers attend sign language workshop in Ishikari-shi

Language session (left): the ambulance officers learn basic sign language.
Practical scene (right): the rescue officer (left) communicates with the Deaf person in sign language at an emergency spot.

May 1, 2014

Ishikari-shi in Hokkaido, Japan's northern island, has enforced the Basic Ordinance on Sign Language since April 1, this year.

The sign language workshop for ten ambulance officers of the northern Ishikari area association of fire-fighting offices was held by cooperation of Ishikari-shi office and the Ishikari Association of the Deaf on April 22.

In training, the ambulance officers learned the basic words and phrases in sign language, such as "rescue crew," "illness," "In what part of your body do you feel painful?," "Which hospital do you go usually?", etc. Also for the practice, the Deaf lecturer played the role of a patient in an emergency scene.

The Deaf person who has observed the study session said, "If a rescue officer uses sign language at the emergency spot, such like "I understand," "I am going to take you to the hospital right away," etc. I will feel safe."

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