Disability sports seminar held for more awareness in Ehime Prefecture

(photo: http://www.pref.ehime.jp/)
May 22, 2014

The "seminar on living" that offers the information covering social life at large for the purpose of supporting the positive social participation of the local Deaf community was held in Matsuyama-shi, Ehime Prefecture in western Japan on May 19.

At the seminar, an official from the Disability Sports Convention Division, National Athletic Meet Promotion Office gave a lecture titled "Let's learn the disability sports convention and make it successful." The official explained the purpose and a schedule of the national disability sports convention, an outline of games, a preparation situation of the prefecture, etc. The prefecture will hold the sports event in 2017.

The participants, including not only deaf persons, but also sign language interpreters and note-takers, got interested in the sports for the persons with disabilities produced out of originality and creativity while they were surprised at the pleasure and difficulty of the sports which were seldom
known commonly.

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