Deaf college student chosen to national Deaf futsal team for Asia/Pacific championships in Iran

Shitara, selected to the National Deaf
Futsal Team, is very motivated.
May 22, 2014
Shitara Takehide (設楽武秀), 21, a senior majoring in business information at Nagano University in Ueda-shi, Nagano in central Japan was chosen as one of the representatives of Deaf Japan for the first time to play futsal.

He will join in the 2nd Asia Pacific Deaf Futsal Championships which takes place in Teheran, Iran from August 28 through September 6, 2014. The world championships will be held in Thailand next fall, and Shitara is willing to play the game which leads to the championship.

Shitara is hard of hearing since birth, using a hearing-aid in everyday life. When he was a fourth grader, he began playing soccer with a local team in his hometown, Gummna Prefecture.

He went to Nagano University, saying "Its support to a student with disability is  substantial." He belonged to the soccer club and the futsal club, being a manager for the both clubs in the last fiscal year.

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