Band group performs using sign language in Akita Prefecture

The concert was held with the performance that combined a band performance and sign language.

May 7, 2014

The concert of a band group named "The  Gadan-kadan (我譚歌団)" (leader Ito Taketo (伊藤健人) and nine members), which performs activity combined a band performance and sign language, was held in the National Cultural Festival Satellite Center in Akita-shi in the prefecture on May 6.

Eight members performed 12 hit songs and other member translated the words in a song into sign language, dancing at the same time.

About 100 shoppers gathered there, enjoying the powerful stage performance. They clapped the hands along with the band group, or swayed the body, enjoying themselves.

Ito, a teacher of the Prefecture School for the Deaf, called to his coworkers, and they launched the band group in 2006. The group participated with Deaf students in the fine-arts event for the high school students called the "AKITA Casual Arts Fiesta" that opened in the city in the same year.

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