Tottori Prefecture supports persons with disabilities at the time of a disaster

Sign language interpreter (right) mediates an exchange through a public telephone immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake in Sendai in March, 2011.  
(photo provided by the Japanese Federation of the Deaf)

April 1, 2014

The measure to support people such like the senior and persons with disabilities, etc. at the time of a disaster makes a close-up as the subject of the disaster prevention administration.

According to "the Disability White Paper in the 2012 Fiscal Year" published by the Cabinet Office, Miyagi Prefecture, one of the stricken areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake had the 9,471 disaster deceased (as of the end of February, 2012), whose mortality rate was 0.4%. Among them, the mortality rate (the area excluded in part) accounts for the whole disabled persons by 1,028 persons which goes up to 1.7%.

Tottori Prefecture has 39,934 persons who have a disability card as of the end of March, 2013. It developed "the decision indicator manual of disaster prevention in the cities, towns and villages for the support required by the persons with disabilities at the time of a disaster" after the Western Earthquake in 2000.

The prefecture has been advancing since 2008 a measure, such as registering a candidate into support person information required at the time of a disaster among the persons whom the disability card were newly issued or reissued.

The prefecture accelerates embodiment of the measure for a support person information required as one of the prefecture government themes of the 2014 fiscal year, "Understand disability and let us live together."

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