Prison sentence finally decided for otolaryngologist involved in hearing disability camouflage incident

April 18, 2014

The defendant Maeda Yoshiaki (前田幸昱), 79, was accused of fraud and drafting of a false medical certificate and the use in the auditory disorder camouflage incident in Hokkaido in 2007.

The 2nd minor bench of the Supreme Court made a decision that it would reject the defendant's final appeal on April 15, and accordingly the first and second high court decisions which were made into penal servitude eight years are set.

In a total of 23 persons of complicity including certified social insurance consultants and the inaccurate recipients of disability pension, guilt is already established and all trials of the incident persons concerned finished it as this.

The defendant Maeda who was an otolaryngologist of Sapporo conspired with certified social insurance consultants, drew up the false diagnosis to 42 persons who faked the disability from 2002 to 2007, and did unjust receipt of the disability pension of about 168 million yen.

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