Prefecture facilities open in the Saga Commerce Industry Building

Opening of prefecture support facilities was celebrated with the "applause" of the sign language which Deaf persons and foreigners both shake their wrists.

April 01, 2014

The Saga Prefecture Office in southern Japan opened the joint opening event of three facilities installed in the "Saga Commerce Industry Building" in Saga-shi on April 1. The facilities support the Deaf community and acts as the base of international exchanges.

The Prefecture Support Center for the Deaf located on the fourth floor of the building is to respond to broad consultation of those who have uneasiness in hearing ability regardless of the registration of the disability card. It is the first  kind of public information dissemination center in Kyushu, Japan's southern island.

The center also supports training sign-language interpreters and note-takers, production of video materials captioned and signed, etc.

Governor Furukawa Yasushi (古川康) greeted by four languages,  Japanese, Korean, English, and sign language at the opening event.

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