Pioneer of deaf education introduced at local event in Hokkaido

The exhibition on a pioneer of deaf education, Kobayashi Unpei in Odaru-shi, Hokkaido

April 6, 2014

At the Otaru-shi General Museum Canal Hall, the small exhibition on "Deaf Education and Kobayashi Unpei" is held from April 5 to May 31 in Hokkaido, Japan's northern island.

The lecture titled "Did you ever know Kobayashi Unpei?" was opened on April 6, attracting ten persons.

The Hokkaido Otaru School for the Deaf which Kobayashi Unpei (小林運平) established in 1906 (Meiji 39) was closed its 107-year history in March, 2014.

The museum planned to hold the exhibition of a set of nine related materials possessed by and contributed to the museum.

After the lecture a woman in her 40's said, "I have learned sign language with the local association of the Deaf for six years. There was a bus tour which would trace the history of deaf education including the building site of a school for the deaf last year, and many persons participated in it. Since I was not able to participate then, I came to hear the talk today. I believe it is a good idea that the deaf children are taught with hearing children together even though the Otaru School for the Deaf was closed."

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